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Office Staff

Kervin Lansiquot MD    
Physician Assistant


Aphrodite Gutierrez
Assistant Office Manager

Born in Westchester, Aphrodite has a background in business management, having worked in several local businesses and medical clinics over the past 20 years.

As an office manager, Aphrodite brings a special blend of talents to our staff, with her enthusiastic ability to back up virtually every other staff member while retaining her own unique niche. Fluent in both Spanish and Greek, Aphrodite brings a broad range of skills to her position. 

The consummate multi-tasker, Aphrodite handles our computer programs with ease, triages patients prior to their being seen by a physician, and provides a wide variety of administrative services both for patients and for staff.

Eram Iqbal
Medical Biller and Receptionist

Eram Iqbal  began working at Hudson Valley Internal Medicine and Geriatrics as our medical biller in 2012.  Originally trained as a medical biller, Eram has spent several years intensively learning and teaching others how to use eClinicalWorks, one of the country's leading electronic medical record programs.

Eram is the primary coordinator of all HVIMG billing as well as the interface person between our electronic health record system, eClinicalWorks, and our patients and staff.  Eram is highly proficient in all levels of health care insurance billing and planning. She is an invaluable source of advice to patients and practitioners alike. 

A resident of New Rochelle, Eram is well-known and well-liked in our town. She has been of assistance to many community members in search of better health care. 

Roldan Melo MA
Medical Assistant

Weekend Medical Receptionist  

A senior student at Ossining High School, Angelica began working in January 2015 on weekends as our office receptionist.

Her growing experience with customer services allows Angelica to be the calm, efficient and competent manager of our busy front desk and constantly ringing telephone lines during weekend hours.

Completely bilingual, Angelica blends the best qualities of her two cultures and is uniquely able to assist patients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds with questions of all sorts. A natural problem-solver, Angelica is efficient, organized and reliable. Her personable and cheerful manner have made her a favorite among both the staff and patients of HVIMG.

Nieves Pousada Nieves M. Pousada MA
Office Manager
Maria Nieves Mejuto (Mary Mejuto)  initially began her career as a classical pianist attending the Eastman School of Music in Rochester. However, following her marriage to Manuel Pousada, Nieves turned to teaching music.
Born in the province of Galicia in Spain, Nieves used her fluency in Spanish to become a teacher's aide in the Peekskill school district of Westchester county, where she taught English as a Second Language (ESL)  to immigrants.
Gradually continuing her own education while raising three children and working full-time, Nieves attended the University of Vermont, attained her Masters in Education and completed their PhD program in ESL with all but dissertation.
Nieves worked for 36 years as an ESL teacher in the Peekskill public schools. She supplemented teaching of young immigrants of all cultural backgrounds with teaching Master's level classes to adult students as an adjunct professor of ESL at Mercy College. She retired in 2005.
Never one to sit still, in 2006 Nieves took on a new challenge by becoming a medical office manager. Competent at many tasks, Nieves has proven to be an outstanding organizer and manager.
Beloved by our patients, Nieves' warmth combined with her professionalism and calm efficiency have made her the essential hub of our practice. As one patient put it, "Nieves, as soon as I hear your voice on the phone, I know everything's going to be all right!"
Renowned for her ageless enthusiasm and extraordinary multitasking, Nieves ascribes her energy to her dedication to helping others and to fighting both locally and globally to truly make the world a better place for all.
A long-time resident of Montrose, Nieves has three daughters, eleven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, all of whom love their amazing Abuela.